Orders & Shipment Status

We want to apologize for the recent delays in the shipment of your order. The surge in online shopping from the ongoing Chinese Corona Virus outbreak is straining our delivery and fulfillment services. We ship our products using professional fulfillment and logistics services commonly used industry-wide by other major eCommerce companies. The surge has completely overwhelmed the shipment of orders by the magnitude of 25 times average processing volumes. On top of this, new safety rules and procedures implemented to keep essential workers safe requires training and a pause to evaluate and implement. I think you can imagine the difficulty and learning curves that the industry has had to manage.

Some orders are delivered without any updates to the tracking information available on the USPS website until after delivery has been made. We believe this only effects shipments made from the California USPS Depot but may also happen in other areas as the data flow from the terminals updates the USPS online tracking systems.

To help identify and resolve problems, we have improved our customer support system and installed a new trouble ticket tracking system. This new system will enhance communication with our customers and eliminate lost or missing email messages. To access the customer service portal, log in to to the website and click on “my account” and then click on “orders”. You will have access to the new and or updated information about your order. You can contact us with any concerns you may have.

We are working hand in hand with our fulfillment center to ensure that your orders get out as fast as possible. We are also tracking each package every day to monitor the delivery process. We expect that most orders dated before 17 April that are not delivered will be delivered during the week of 27 April. Orders after that date for some areas will continue to have a period of up to 10 – 14 days delay between order day and delivery. There have been no lost or missing orders to date. Should there be any lost orders, we will contact you to resolve and take corrective actions.

We apologize for the delays during this difficult time. We want you to know we are doing everything possible to process orders and stand by our products. We have plenty of on-hand stock and have recently refilled our low stock items. Prior purchasing restrictions imposed on certain products have been lifted as of 20 April 2020.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time. Working together, we can conquer this enemy and, once again, resume our regular lives.