Natural rubber (NR) latex gloves are environment-friendly biodegradable products, because the main ingredient, natural rubber is derived from a renewable resource, i.e. natural rubber (NR) latex. Unlike synthetic gloves, which are made from special molecule of bonding copolymers, natural rubber latex is obtained from the Hevea brasiliensis tree by tapping the bark with a tapping knife.

Our Latex Gloves are an excellent choice which allows for greater tactile sensitivity for a wide range of tasks and professions such as dentistry, medical and clinical tasks, tattooists, hairdressers, cleaners, and beauticians.

These are great in dealing with water-based materials. It is made from Natural High Grade Rubber Latex providing comfortable natural fit, even after long hours of use with protection against bacteria and viruses, and other unwanted substances.

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What are the Benefits of Latex Disposable Gloves?

Latex disposable gloves offer excellent protection and performance in a variety of applications and across a broad range of industries. Latex disposable gloves are a popular choice in both the industrial and medical industries.  They are widely used in applications in handling potentially hazardous material, dental work, child care, senior care,  janitorial and sanitation, automotive and manufacturing industries. What are the Benefits of Latex Disposable Gloves?


Latex Exam Disposable Gloves are FDA approved for medical use


Latex naturally offers protection against a variety of chemicals, bacteria, and viruses


Latex gloves offer superior tactile sensitivity


We are a growing business in the supply and distribution of high quality latex gloves.

We can guarantee that our gloves have been independently tested and accredited to ensure that glove safety for worldwide use. All of our processes are developed and engineered in house, with the safety of our customers as our main priority. We stand as the best choice for global sourcing in the highly competitive industry of safety gloves manufacturing.


By buying in bulk, you lower the cost for each unit. Frequent buying in smaller quantities can be much more expensive. Less packaging is used than typical gloves. That is reducing 1.4 tons of waste per year if you use 25 cases each month!

These Latex gloves offer protection against bacteria and viruses, and other unwanted substances with puncture resistant strength and superior tactile sensitivity.  

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