40pcs Straight Shank Twist Drill Bits Mini Drill High Speed Steel HSS Bit 0.5mm-2.0mm Straight Shank PCB Twist Drill Bits Set


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Buy this drill bit set and use them in a variety of drilling applications!

  • It contains 40 pieces of drill bits that come in the most popular sizes that are suitable for multiple materials.
  • The items are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • Each can be used to drill through wood, plastic, or concrete.
  • The slightly sharp tips on these bits make it easy to start the bit exactly where you need it.
  • Their geometry between a twist drill and an auger bit makes for good chip ejection.

Quantity and size:
-10 pcs. of 0.5 mm drill bit
-10 pcs. of 1.0mm drill bit
-10 pcs. of  1.5 mm drill bit
-10 pcs. of  2.0 mm drill bit

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 20.0 cm
Brand Name



Twist Drill Bit


Metal Drilling

DIY Supplies





High Speed Steel

Model Number

Drill Bit


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