5 Layers of Protection

Sports Mesh Filter

These breathable disposable filters are made to fit the reusable sports mask with valves.  The addition of the filter offers 95% protection to the wearer from all non-oil based fluids.  From coughs, sneezes, saliva, and other airborne droptlets to tiny particles in polluted and public areas, this respirator has got you covered.

Extreme Breathability and High Grade Filtration


The Sports Masks with PM2.5 filters are great for runners and cyclists.  They can be used by healthcare officials, construction teams, during public transportation, traveling, hiking, or when visiting polluted areas.

The PM2.5 filters with their activated carbon layer have the ability to protect the wearer from tiny particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers (µm) in diameter.  2.5 µm is about 3% the diameter of a human hair.  The 5 layer PM2.5 filter has been shown to successfully filter out bacteria and viruses.  They are also the best filters to prevent air pollution from entering the body.

These 5 layer sports PM2.5 filters are great for both outdoor and indoor activities to filter contaminated air from harmful particles such as dust, pollen, wood- or metal work, gardening, sanding paint. 

High-Quality Filters With 5 Protective Layers

The time is now to get a 95% effective filter.

Keep safe and secure without compromising your ability to work hard and play hard, and look good doing it with unsurpassed protection!


Protective Features


Get High-Quality Replacement Filters With 5 Protective Layers

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